X2 Car to Car Charger Emergency Power Supply DC 12V


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Safe,easy and effective.
Safer to use than jumper cable.
Suitable vehicle size up to 1.6L.
Wire 550 cm (18 ft) PVC φ0.12×100.
Start dead car in approx 10 minutes.
Designed for use on 12V vehicle only.
LED lights illustrate the charging process.
Simply connect between two vehicles 12V cigarette lighter sockets.
Simply connect between 12V cigarette lighter socket of 2 vehicles.

Model: X2
Outpit Volage: 13.6V
Output Current: 5A
Product Power: 85W
Rating: 6A 12V DC
Housing: ABS(UL94-HB).
Top Contact: Nnickel plated metal.
Spring Contact: nickel plated spring steel.
Suitable Temperature: -20~65 degrees
Power Cord Length: 5.5m(Rescue Terminal)
Indicator Color: Green (energized state), Red (charging status)
Protection Circuit: Short circuit protection, overload protection, over temperature protection
Item Weight: 0.7kg
Size: 11*10*6cm

Operation Instructions:
Make sure the lamps,stereo,air conditioner and all possible power using equipment are power off.
1.Connect the plug with longer power cord to dead vehicle,and the plug with shorter power cord to normal vehicle.
2.Then start the engine of normal vehicle,the red LED turns on.
3.About 10 minutes later,when the red LED turns to green,start the engine of dead vehicle.If start the engine of dead vehicle two Times,the dead vehicle does not work yet,it may be caused by dead battery which is too old and worn out,suggest to change a new battery for dead car.
Once the engine on the vehicle with the “run-down”battery starts,remove the plugs from the cigarette lighter sockets on both vehicles and stow DC-to-DC charger for future use.
Allow the engine on the just-started vehicle to warm up to operating temperature before driving.

Package Included:
1 X X2 Car to Car Charger


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