KS-001 2 in 1 Car Visual Reversing Radar Detector Rear View Camera


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When the car enters 1.2 meters distance obstacle, buzzer alarm.
Install a simple, direct, insert the DVD can reverse video input interface.
For most of the models, can be used with DVD screens or various other display.
External buzzer, when car into 1.2 meters distance obstacle, buzzer alarm.
When the car enters the "R" gear, reverse lights, visual radar system automatically switched on.
When the car enters obstacles 2 meters, visual obstacle distance radar system began to instructions.
Voltage: DC12V+/-2V
Working current:90mA
Maximum power consumption: 50 mw
2 meters: the maximum detection range
Minimum detection range: 0.4 m
Pixel: 720 x576,
Minimum illumination: 0.5 LUX
Standard TV system: NTSC
Lens Angle: 170 degrees
Alarm volume: 85-105 - db
Working temperature: - 30 degrees - 80 degrees
Package Included:
1 X Radar Detector


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