What are you knowing about common car accessories?


  With the improvement of people's living standards, people's consumption is more and more, and the market of auto parts has become bigger and bigger. Auto parts are all units that make up the entire car and a product collective of a car.

  There are many types of auto parts car parts. Now, there are more and more car brands, and there are more and more automotive types. In general, the car can be divided into three major categories: heavy-duty cars, mini cars and passenger cars. The following is an introduction to various auto parts.

  Starting system:

  Engine assembly, filter, cylinder and components, oil seals, oil pumps, fuel hood, valve, tubing, linkage assembly, crankshafts, shafts, and connecting rods, valves and components, fuel tanks, pistons, Airborne engine accessories such as flywheel ring gears, tension wheels, belts, superchargers, carbers, ternary catalysts, fuel injection devices, starters and accessories, other launch systems.

  Walking system:

  Front bridge, rear bridge, shock absorber system, suspension system, bridge housing, half-axis, balance block, buffer, rim, wheel, frame assembly, automotive tire, agricultural vehicle tire, engineering machinery tire and other walking system Accessories.

  Body and accessories:

  Car shell, door, car glass, mirror, license plate, seat and accessories, car bearings, handrails, handles, handles, internet, leaf plates, cab, accessories, airbags, car seat belts, glass lift, Automotive antenna, wiper, car muffler, car speaker, car seal bumper, suitcase, luggage rack, extruded parts, stamping parts, exhaust pipe, other body accessories and other auto parts.

  steering system:

  Cross-joining rod assembly, tie rod, tie rod head, center tie rod, steering active arm, steering driven arm, steering machine dust jacket, steering machine assembly, steering damper, steering power pump, steering gear gasket repair package, Power steering tank, pull rod adjustment bolt, steering driven arm bushing, power steering tube, steering joint, steering wheel, other steering system, etc.

  The above is the introduction to auto parts, I hope you read this article more familiar with car parts, and I hope to help you.