How to choose the right car accessories?


  What is the best way to buy the auto parts product? And how to buy the most suitable price-than-selling auto parts, here, give you the following skills to help you choose the best auto parts.

  1. Look at the logo mark is complete

  The quality of the authentic auto parts is very good. The box is clear and the color is clear. The packaging bag should be labeled product name, specification model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name factory, and phone number.

  2. Look at the geometric sizes

  Some auto parts are improperly deformable due to manufacturing, transportation and storage. The shaft part can be rolled along the glass plate when checking. Look at the part with the glass plate fit has no leakage light to determine whether it is curved. When the clutch driven plate steel sheet or friction plate, the steel sheet can be used to observe whether it is warped in front of him; when the oil seal is purchased, the end surface of the skeleton should be positive. It is possible to bond the flat glass, and the outer edge of the free skeleton oil seal is positive. It should be retrieved after hand holding it. When purchasing all kinds of liners, you should also pay attention to check geometric dimensions and shapes.

  3. Whether the combination is flat

  Car spare parts during handling, storage, due to vibration, bumps, often generate damage or cracks in the binding site, affecting the use of parts, should pay attention to check when purchasing.

  4. Look at the surface of the part

  The surface of the qualified spare parts has both certain precision and brightness of light. The more important zero accessories, the higher the accuracy, the more strict packaging anti-rust preventing. Pay attention to check when purchasing. If the parts are found to have rust spots, mildew spots or rubber taps. Lost elastic or journal surfaces have obvious car knife jarls should be changed.

  5. Whether the protective surface is intact

  Most parts are coated with a protective layer at the factory. Such as the piston pin, the shaft is used as paraffin protection. The piston ring, the surface of the cylinder is coated with rust oil and wrapped with wrapping paper. Immersion rust oils such as valves and pistons are encapsulated with plastic bags. If the seal sleeve is broken, the wrapping paper is lost, the anti-rust oil or paraffin loss should be given back.

  6. Watch the rubber parts is loose

  A fitting that is composed of two or more parts, and the parts are passed through a press, glue or welding. There is no loose phenomenon between them. If the oil pump plunger and the adjustment arm are combined by a press, the clutch is riveted from the moving character and the steel sheet, the friction plate and the steel sheet are riveted or rubbed, the paper filter filter cartridge and the filter paper are glued It is formed, the wire of the electrical equipment is welded, and if there is a loose moment, if there is a looseness, it is found to be changed.

  7. Watch if the rotating part is flexible

  When the transfer member assembly of the oil pump is selected, it should be flexible with the hand to rotate the pump shaft. When purchasing scrolling bearings, support the inner rings in one hand, and the other hand to turn the outer ring to quickly rotate quickly. Then gradually stop. If the rotating member is rotated, the internal rust or deformation is explained.

  8. Look at the assembly parts

  The formal assembly parts must be complete enough to ensure smooth assembly and normal operation. Some small parts on some of the assemblies are missing, and the assembly components will not work even.

  9. Watch if the assembly mark is clear

  In order to ensure the assembly relationship of the fittings meet the technical requirements. It is engraved with an assembly mark on some part surfaces. If there is no mark or marker, it cannot be identified, and it will bring great difficulties to the assembly, and even mistakes.

  10. Look at the surface of the same surface

  If the part is worn with the surface of the surface or the paint fitting, it is discovered that the old paint is found after the surface paint is found.

  11. Look at the surface hardness to meet the standard

  The surface hardness of each fitting piece has a predetermined requirement, in determining the purchase and matters with the merchant. It can use the steel saw blade to try. When the scriptage slip is not scratched, the hardness is high, and the hardness is highly shallowed, and there is a significant manner with obvious traces.

  According to these judgment skills described above, you can already be familiar with a suitable car accessory.

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