Influence of automobile driving state on fuel consumption


  1. the difference in energy consumption caused by different driving modes

  The running state of a car has a great influence on fuel consumption, and driving at a constant speed along a good level road is the most ideal motion state, at which time the car only overcomes rolling resistance and air resistance. Compared with driving at a constant speed, variable speed requires more energy consumption, and every braking deceleration and parking make the kinetic energy of the car consumed vain; With the subsequent acceleration, a considerable amount of energy is paid to increase the speed of the vehicle, and all rotating parts are rotated at a certain angular acceleration.

  2. Ideal driving area with low energy consumption

  When an automobile is speeding up, the ideal situation is that the engine works with as much power as possible in an area with low fuel consumption, and its rotating speed fluctuates as little as possible or even does not change. This working state is difficult to be achieved by the stepless transmission. After acceleration, it turns to run at a constant speed, and the required power is reduced. At this time, the engine should work with minimum fuel consumption, and its speed keeps running at a speed slower than the maximum power of the engine. When running at a fixed speed, the ratio of the lost power of the transmission system in the total power increases with the decrease of the load, and the mechanical efficiency hm decreases. According to this principle, in the transition to low power, keep the high gear and reduce the engine speed, that is to say, it is reasonable to use small transmission so that the engine is in a state of high load and low fuel consumption. For modern automobile gasoline engines, the minimum fuel consumption rate is about 50% of the maximum engine speed when the throttle valve is fully open. If the highest gear of the gearbox ensures that the driving resistance power curve is close to the power curve when the engine is at the optimal fuel consumption rate, the lowest fuel consumption is obtained when driving on the horizontal road section, but there is not much power reserve left for uphill and acceleration. When the slope changes slightly or overtaking accelerates, it is necessary to shift into a lower gear.

  3. Reasonable use of driving style

  The driving style also has a great influence on automobile fuel consumption. The driver should pay attention to keep the car running in the most suitable load state of the engine, that is, the carburetor throttle valve or the control pedal of the fuel injection pump is nearly pressed to the bottom. After reaching the predetermined or desired speed, the driver should not lift the pedal, because the small load will increase the fuel consumption rate. Since the driver is not allowed to accelerate further, he has to shift into neutral and drive according to inertia, which leads to the continuous alternation of acceleration and idling. When driving in hilly terrain, the simplest way to store energy is to accelerate when going downhill, and then when going uphill, the inertia car can slide for a long distance. In this state, there is basically no energy loss. In the case of going downhill in gear, the stored energy is not too much, because the friction loss increases rapidly with the increase of rotating speed, and all the energy that could have been stored is lost by overcoming the friction loss.

  To sum up, saving fuel consumption is a multi-faceted task, and providing good energy-saving and low-pollution automobile products is the most important. But good performance is not enough. Summing up the experience, we can control the use of brakes, reduce variable speed driving and keep running at a constant speed. It can also keep the running state of high gear, high load and low oil consumption. According to the fluctuation of the road surface and the degree of heavy traffic, the driving mode should be used reasonably. The throttle valve should keep wide open during accelerated operation. Correct driving operation and good running conditions are also important aspects of energy saving.

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