Elecdeer GT style Spoiler, a Great Choice of 3D Print Auto Parts


1 Introduction to the Elecdeer car spoiler.

The rear wing of the car refers to the protrusion in the form of a duck tail on the trunk lid of the car, which is part of the car aerodynamic kit. The main function is to reduce the lift at the rear of the vehicle. Some people abroad call it a "sled board" according to its shape. Some people in China also call it "duck tail" or "fixed wind wing", and the more scientific name should be "spoiler", "spoiler wing" or "spoiler". The rear wing is generally divided into single layer and double layer. There are two materials of aluminum alloy rear wing and carbon fiber, and it is divided into manual adjustment and hydraulic automatic adjustment. Among them, the hydraulic automatic adjustment type has more hydraulic columns, which can automatically adjust the angle according to the speed of the vehicle.




2 The working principle of the rear wing of the car

When the car is driving at high speed, according to the principle of aerodynamics, it will encounter air resistance during the driving process, and around the center of gravity of the car will simultaneously generate three directions of aerodynamic force, longitudinal, lateral and vertical rising, of which the longitudinal direction is the air resistance.


In order to effectively reduce and overcome the influence of air resistance when the car is running at high speed, people design and use the car tail, its function is to make the air produce the fourth force on the car, that is, to generate a larger adhesion to the ground, which can offset the A part of the lift force can effectively control the car to float, so that the wind resistance coefficient is reduced accordingly, so that the car can drive close to the road surface, thereby improving the stability of driving.


3 Function and classification

The function of the car tail is to make the air resistance form a downward pressure when the car is running at high speed, try to offset the lift, effectively control the down pressure of the airflow, reduce the wind resistance coefficient accordingly, and increase the high-speed driving stability of the car; Reduce the air resistance of the car, so the installation of tail fins on high-speed cars is also helpful to save fuel; at the same time, it also makes the appearance of the car more beautiful and plays a certain decorative role.


According to different materials, the common car tail is divided into three types: glass fiber reinforced plastic tail, aluminum alloy tail, and carbon fiber tail.


FRP tail: This type of tail has various shapes, including duck tongue, wing, and straight. It is better for modeling, but the FRP material is relatively brittle, with poor toughness and rigidity, and the price is relatively cheap.


Aluminum alloy spoiler: This type of spoiler has good diversion and heat dissipation effect, and the price is moderate, but the weight is slightly heavier than that of other materials.


Carbon fiber rear wing: The carbon fiber rear wing is very rigid and durable. Not only is it light in weight, but it is also one of the most beautiful tails. It is now widely used in F1 racing cars, but the price is relatively expensive.