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The function of a car dashboard display is a device that reflects the working conditions of the various systems of the vehicle. It mainly includes the fuel indicator light, the cleaning fluid indicator light, the electronic accelerator indicator light, the front, and rear fog light indicator lights, and the warning light, which can monitor the car status at any time.


The dashboard of an automobile is a device that reflects the working conditions of various systems of the vehicle. The instruments of different cars are not the same, but the conventional instruments of general cars include a speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, fuel gauge, charging gauge, etc.


A variety of indicator lights or warning lights are made under the mask of modern car dashboards, such as coolant level warning light, fuel level indicator light, washer fluid level indicator light, charging indicator light, high and low beam dimming indicator light, Transmission gear indicator, anti-lock braking system (ABS) indicator, driving force control indicator, airbag (SRS) warning light, etc.


The car instrument is an important interface for the driver to exchange information with the car. With the development of automotive electronic technology, the amount of information about the driving status of the car and various institutions and parts has increased significantly. When driving the vehicle, the driver must know more and more time whether the various parameters of the car and engine are normal, so as to take timely measures. measures to prevent accidents.


With the advancement of electronic technology and the emergence of new sensors and new electronic display components, automotive electronic instruments have been rapidly adopted. At present, the electronic instrument display devices used in automobiles mainly include the following: light-emitting diodes, vacuum fluorescent screen displays, and liquid crystal displays.

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