Protect your vehicle with a Elecdeer Black Front Bumper Lip Splitter Diffuser Protector


Elecdeer Car Splitters Explained

A car splitter is a rigid extension that’s added to the bottom of the front bumper. It looks like a flat scoop that extends out in front. It’s usually made from carbon fiber or another durable material. Splitters sometimes have support rods that are attached between the splitter and the bumper. They reinforce the splitter and keep it parallel to the ground at speed.


How Do Car Splitters Work?

Splitters contribute to the car’s performance by “splitting” the air to reduce lift and increase traction.


When a car reaches high speeds, air pressure builds up at the front of the car. The air forced under the car is at relatively high pressure. The air going over the top of the car is at relatively low pressure. This causes the front of the car to lift very slightly and results in reduced traction on the road.


A car splitter acts like a wedge that forces the high pressure air upwards instead of letting the air pass underneath the car. This results in downforce that increases traction.


Many drivers combine a splitter with a front air dam. Some air dams have openings that direct the air into ducts to cool the brakes. Car body upgrades in general are all about redirecting air to increase performance.


Car Splitters Vs. Lip Kits

Car splitters have a lot to offer, but they’re not the only game in town. It is actually possible to get similar performance gains with a quality lip kit. But, a lip kit can often be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a splitter.


What is a Lip Kit?

A lip kit is a flexible strip that attaches to the bumper. Like a car splitter, a lip kit helps to prevent air from moving under the car. This improves downforce and aerodynamics while providing protection for the bumper.


When trying to choose between a car splitter and a lip kit, it ultimately boils down to style, preference, budget, and the following factors:


1. Ease of Installation

In general, a lip kit is much easier to install than a car splitter. Even if you don’t have any experience upgrading cars, you should still be able to install a quality lip kit in 15 minutes or less with no permanent modifications to your vehicle. Although installation is typically non-invasive, a good kit should still last the full life of your vehicle if properly installed and cared for.


2. Durability of Materials

Car splitters are usually made from fiberglass, carbon fiber, Alumilite, or other composites. Your basic lip kit is made from high-quality, durable rubber. So while a lip kit may not look as flashy on the surface, it actually does a much better job of maintaining its integrity after years of abuse. One stray pebble can scratch, dent, ding, or otherwise damage a car splitter. A lip kit successfully deflects all kinds of debris from the road.