The importance of Elecdeer Brake light Round Car Rear Tail Light


At night or when reversing in a dimly lit basement, the surroundings are dark and you can't see anything, even if there is a reversing radar or reversing image, it is not safe. Let's teach you how to reverse the car at night with poor visibility.


1. Carefully observe the parking space situation and draw up the reversing route in your mind


At night, the vision is poor. Even if you pay attention, many obstacles around you may not be visible, so you must go around the car to observe all possible collision points. Before reversing, simulate the driving route in your mind. When you may encounter a dangerous point, whether you need to get off the car to check, etc., you must be aware of it. When reversing during the day, you need to scout the road conditions, and at night, you need to be careful.


2. The brightness of the reversing lights is limited, and the brake lights can be fully utilized


Everyone knows to turn on the headlights when driving at night, but the design of the car's reversing lights is not the same as the headlights. Many cars have only one reversing light, and the brightness is limited, so make full use of the lighting function of the brake light at this time, and observe the brightness change of the brake light through the rearview mirror. The stronger the brightness of the brake light, the closer it is to the rear obstacle.


3, try to turn off the lights in the car


The bright light emitted by the interior atmosphere lights and high-brightness navigation equipment will affect the sight of reversing at night. When the brightness inside the car is too high, the whole car glass does not transmit but reflects the light inside the car, which has a great impact on driving safety. Therefore, these devices should be turned off as much as possible before reversing.


4. Get off and observe frequently


No matter how well the light is used, the line of sight is limited to a small angle in the front and rear, and the lateral objects are basically invisible. When reversing, if you are worried that the body will be scratched by the obstacles on the side, you should get off the car and observe until it is confirmed that you can pass.


5. When someone is commanding, pay attention to the position of the commander


The best situation is, of course, that someone outside the car helps to command, but because the driver cannot see the specific position of the commander at night, the commander must not stand on the route of the car. When you need to confirm at close range, ask the driver to stop first, and be sure to pay attention to safety.

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