Elecdeer Brand New Diesel Hot Air blower, help you get over this winter


Elecdeer Brand New Diesel Hot Air blower, help you get over this winter


Diesel hot air blower is a kind of hot air blower. There is also an electric fan. The resources consumed are different. One uses diesel and the other consumes electricity. This article mainly talks about diesel hot air blowers. Diesel hot air blowers obtain heat by fueling diesel fuel. It is then blown into the brooding shed by the built-in fan. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of diesel hot air blowers.




The temperature rises quickly. If burning coal for 10 hours can raise the temperature. Hot air blower for 1 hour.


Low humidity. Because of the presence of hot air. So there is not that much water vapor in the air.


Easy to operate. On and off. Not like a coal stove. Even if the temperature in the shed is enough. Still burning. The hot air blower has a built-in thermostat. The machine shuts down immediately when the temperature reaches it. Useful in summer. Because summer only needs to heat up at night. The coal stove is embarrassing in summer. The temperature inside the shed is too high during the day. If you put out a fire, you will have to start a fire at night. Too troublesome.


Small size. For space-constrained brooding sheds, a small heating device is valuable.




It consumes a lot of fuel. The heating cost is 2-4 times of the coal stove


air quality deviation. There is a smell of waste oil in the shed. In addition, high oxygen consumption


There are potential safety hazards. The machine breathes fire. There is an open flame. Combustibles are prohibited several meters in front of the machine.


Here are some obvious advantages and disadvantages. It is generally recommended to keep one at the venue. in case of emergencies. It heats up fast after all. It can be used when the weather changes suddenly and the temperature cannot rise.


Brief introduction and working principle of diesel heater


High efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection; aquaculture fuel heaters have been proven to be significant in energy saving. Because the heaters are used to form dynamic circulation conduction through air heating, they not only have no pollution but also have sterilization and ventilation functions, giving full play to the fast air heating speed and uniform indoor temperature Features have a promoting effect on the growth of animals and plants, no water and no pressure to ensure the safety of product use.


The oil heater for aquaculture is beautiful in style, will not rust, and has strong corrosion resistance. The fuel heater for aquaculture has high power and high thermal efficiency. The thermal efficiency of the fuel heater for aquaculture is 80%, which is more than 30% higher than that of the general heater. The fuel heater has large heat exchange energy and suitable air outlet temperature, which not only fully meets the energy requirements of a greenhouse heating and cooling, but also solves the phenomenon of burning seedlings caused by excessive air outlet temperature, which is more conducive to the growth of organisms in the greenhouse.