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The gear lever has been an integral part of the car from the day it was launched. Performance cars will choose more tactile materials, and luxury cars will put them in a more hidden position. What kind of character you are, what identity do you have, and how will the story develop next, a single handle will betray you!


For the driver, the most inseparable part of the car must be the gear handle in the car. Because it can stimulate the driving desire of the car owner. But when it comes to the gear handle, with the technology update in the automotive field, from the most primitive to There are many cool shapes. Automakers have also done their homework on the gear handle.


1 Knob Shifter

Knob shifting was first seen in Jaguar Land Rover's models, and is usually hidden under the center console. Every time the car is turned on, the knob will slowly rise, and it will automatically go down when the engine is turned off. This design is very "Forced".


2-button gear lever


Compared with ordinary automatic gear shifting, button shifting is not mechanically connected to the gearbox. So its shifting speed is faster


.This form appears very frequently in many models. Although the button shift is very tall, it depends on the stability of electronic equipment, and its failure rate is also high.


3-aircraft gear levers


This kind of gear lever often appears on romantic French cars. It continues the large size of the French system, but it feels delicate to hold. With the interior design of the upper fighter cabin, when the hand is extended to the gear handle, it will be held in minutes. Have a desire to "lift up"


4-yacht gear handle


This kind of shift lever is very simple to operate. It often appears on Audi A8L and Chrysler and other models. Push it up and down to switch the corresponding gear. Since the whole process is controlled by a computer, it can effectively prevent damage to the gearbox caused by misalignment


5-gear levers


Speaking of Mercedes-Benz's gear shifting, everyone will think of the gear shift handle. For those who are used to other models, when suddenly driving a Mercedes-Benz, they will feel very uncomfortable. The advantage of this gear shifting is that it takes up less space


6-crystal gear handle


As a good-looking player, it has attracted many consumers to pay for it. It is said that it is made by a famous local crystal brand in Sweden. The crystal glass shift lever carved from a whole piece of crystal is also the most prominent feature of the new Volvo. One of the selling points. Not only a gentleman but also high-end


Nowadays, automatic transmission models have gradually become the first choice for people to buy cars. Usually, the shifting method will be regarded as a selling point. In fact, each shifting method has its own advantages and disadvantages.


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