Still cleaning the windows by hand? Get this set of rain and fog removal artifacts from Elecdeer Now!


Still cleaning the windows by hand? Get this set of rain and fog removal artifacts from Elecdeer Now!


When it rains, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car is large, and many car owners will encounter the situation of fogging the front windshield. In the process of driving, once the glass fogs up and affects the line of sight, it will be very dangerous


Detergent anti-fog


Advantages: low cost, most cost-effective


Spraying detergents on car windows to defog, the cost is very low, and the operation is convenient. Soap method and detergent method are commonly used.


Soap method: Soak the soap with water to make it soft, and then apply it evenly on the entire glass surface (must be even), wait for the soap on the glass to dry, and remove it with paper towels or newspapers. Be careful not to use a towel, it is easy to leave fine particles with a towel.


Detergent method: mix clean water and detergent at a ratio of 9:1 and fill it up. Spray it on the front windshield and two side windshields when it is easy to fog in rainy days. After drying, wipe it with a soft paper towel. Clean, you can anti-fog.


Anti-fog agent


Advantages: good effect lasts for a long time


Buy a bottle of "glass anti-fog agent" for cars, which says "made of special raw materials, which can form a transparent hydrophobic ion film on the surface of the glass to prevent condensation of water droplets and mist". Spray it on the fogged windshield according to the instructions above, wipe it dry with a cloth, and the glass will be clean in no time. Use a spray machine to spray on the glass again, and there is still no fog after ten minutes.


Air conditioning refrigeration defogging


Advantages: fast speed and good effect


Disadvantages: short maintenance time and too cold


There are two reasons why car windows fog up: low temperature and high air humidity. Use the cooling effect of the air conditioner to demist and reduce the air humidity to remove the window fog.


External circulation defogging


Advantages: simple and economical


Disadvantages: The effect is not very fast, and the external environment is poor, such as when there is a lot of dust, it is not suitable for use


It is also relatively simple to use external circulation to defog, and it is more economical than using an air conditioner to defog, but the effect is not very fast, and it will take a while. It should not be used when the external environment is poor, such as a lot of dust.


When the external circulation defogging is turned on, the correct position of the air outlet should be able to blow the front and feet at the same time, or only blow the front position.


In addition, some new car owners should be reminded that the rear windows of many vehicles now have the function of heating and defogging, so don't forget it.


But what if the rain is hanging on the rearview mirror and you can't see clearly?


The Traditional Method: Installing a Rain Shade


It is often seen that riders paste rain shields on the side windows, but its practicality is really limited. It's still good enough to stop a light rain, but it's not very effective when it's going to rain heavily, especially when it's raining at an angle. This kind of installation method is more convenient and the price is low and the timeliness is long, that is, the rain shield will increase the wind and dryness of the vehicle at high speed.


Technological method: rearview mirror electric heating


Turn on the switch in advance before going out on rainy days, and just wait for the water mist to steam. When the car is stationary, it only takes about 5 minutes to basically remove the water droplets on the rearview mirror and restore a clear line of sight. The field of view will be better if the car is driving.


DIY method: clever use of soap and dish soap


The legendary "remedy" for rain and fog-coating glass with soap. Use a damp cloth dipped in soap, apply it evenly on the rearview mirror and glass, wait for the lens to dry, wait for 3 or 4 minutes, then wipe off with paper, and you're done. This method is simple, easy to operate and cheap, but its disadvantage is that it takes a relatively short time to work. After two or three hours of rain washing, the waterproof and defogging effects of the rearview mirror will gradually weaken or even disappear. up.


Pro Method: Water Repellent


The special rain remover, usually called "rain enemy" on the market, is applied to the rearview mirror when it rains, which can effectively remove the impact of rain.

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