Do you know the difference between car headlight lenses?


Do you know the difference between car headlight lenses?


I believe that many car enthusiasts have replaced car light bulbs. When replacing car light bulbs, it is not clear whether it is necessary to replace the car lens at the same time?


Some friends will say: Isn't it enough to install xenon bulbs directly?


Because the car headlight assembly does not have a lens, after installing HID, the traditional halogen lamp shade cannot play the role of concentrating light, and the lighting effect will be greatly reduced. Affect the normal driving of the oncoming vehicle, which poses a great potential safety hazard.


Lens function




Because the lens has a strong light-gathering ability, so using it to illuminate the road, not only the road surface is bright, but also clear.



Since the light dispersion is very small, its light range is farther and clearer than that of ordinary halogen lamps. Therefore, it enables you to see things in the distance at the first time, so as to avoid crossing the intersection or missing the target.



Compared with the headlights with traditional lamp bases, headlights with lens bases have uniform brightness and strong penetrating power, so they have strong penetrating power no matter in rainy or foggy weather. In this way, oncoming vehicles can receive the light information at the first time to avoid accidents.



The lens xenon lamp does not need any power supply system, because the real HID gas discharge lamp must have a voltage stabilizer, 12V voltage, and then convert the voltage to normal voltage to stably and continuously supply the xenon bulb to emit light. Thereby, the function of saving electricity can be played.


The effect of installing a double-light lens: In the state of high beam and low beam, the light will not diverge, but the lighting effect on the ground is very good, it will not cause glare, and will not affect the normal driving of the oncoming vehicle.


The lens is an optical element made of a transparent material whose surface is part of a spherical surface. The light shape of the lens is the most standard, and it can have obvious light and dark cutting lines. The problem of astigmatism is solved through the function of concentrating light. Using the lens to modify the light irradiation The road is wider and safer. Use the lens to modify the light when driving at night, so that you have a better line of sight and increase driving safety.


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