Four wheel alignment, the vehicle should pay attention to this phenomenon


Four wheel alignment, the vehicle should pay attention to this phenomenon


I often hear people talking about four-wheel alignment, but few people will take the initiative to do four-wheel alignment for their car. Many times when we go to a 4S shop to maintain or repair a car, the car repair master will suggest that we do a four-wheel alignment, the purpose is to make more money. But if there is really a problem with our car, then the money for four-wheel alignment cannot be saved. When should I do four-wheel alignment? Let me tell you about it below.


What is four-wheel alignment?


To put it simply, "four-wheel alignment" is to determine the position between the wheels, steering knuckle and front and rear axles by adjusting the parameters, so that the car can maintain a good driving performance and increase the safety of driving.


If you ask how often four-wheel alignment needs to be done, then it can only be said that there is no fixed cycle, it is different from maintenance, it is a means of maintenance. Four-wheel alignment is only required when there is a problem with the vehicle. If there is no problem, it is not necessary to do four-wheel alignment.


If you have to set a time limit, you can judge according to the frequency of car use and the environment in which it is used. Ordinary family cars can be checked for tire alignment once a year. If the frequency of use is high or you often go on bad roads, you can do four-wheel alignment once every six months. Of course, this is only a suggestion when the vehicle does not have any problems.


Four-wheel alignment is required when the following problems occur:


1. The vehicle deviates


We all know that the steering wheel has the function of automatically returning to the center. In fact, this is due to the accurate four-wheel alignment. If one day you find that the car will involuntarily turn to the left or right, you have to keep straightening the steering wheel to keep driving in a straight line. Then you need to do a four-wheel alignment.


2. Serious partial wear of tires


Generally, we dont check the tires when driving, so it is also recommended that you check the tire condition once every 20,000 kilometers or once a year to see if there is any partial wear. If you find the phenomenon of eating tires that we often say, you need to do four-wheel alignment


3. After a vehicle accident


When the car is hit, if the suspension is damaged, it is also necessary to re-adjust the four-wheel parameters. In addition, the steering wheel is erratic, trembling or too heavy during driving, which may also be caused by inaccurate four-wheel alignment parameters.


How often to do four wheel alignment


In general, when the car is driving 10,000 kilometers, or every year, choose a fixed time to do the four-wheel alignment of the car. However, if it is a taxi or a van, it needs to be done every six months. Since the frequency of use of the car is too high, the length of time is also related to the frequency of use.


Finally, the four wheel alignment must be done by a professional repair shop, so as to avoid the unprofessional repair masters causing the parameters to be adjusted more and more chaotic, and may damage the car. In addition, you should also pay attention to your usual car habits. Bad driving habits may make you a "frequent visitor" to four-wheel alignment.