To choose a good inverter, you should pay attention to the following issues


To choose a good inverter, you should pay attention to the following issues:


1. Be sure to choose metal shell products: due to the large power of the vehicle inverter, the heat is also large. If the internal heat cannot be dissipated in time, the life of the components will be affected at least, and there will be a risk of fire if it is serious. The metal casing, on the one hand, has good heat dissipation characteristics, and on the other hand, it will not burn. Products with plastic casings are best not to be used. Even if a fan is added to help dissipate heat, one is to increase the noise during use, and the other is that the working life of the fan is generally relatively short, which reduces the reliability of the whole machine. If one day it stops, the consequences will be serious.


2. Be sure to choose split-type products instead of one-piece products: there are four disadvantages of one-piece type. First, because the car cigarette lighter socket is not very deep, the rear part of the one-piece product is heavy. Bumps can easily shake off the inverter or cause poor contact. Second, the integrated inverter is plugged into the cigarette lighter socket, and the rear part is exposed for a long time, which will affect the shifting operation of the right hand. This is closely related to driving safety, so please pay attention. Third, because it is directly plugged into the cigarette lighter socket, the rear row of the integrated inverter cannot be used. Fourth, the integrated case is made of plastic. Everyone knows that plastic is not resistant to high temperatures. Therefore, the contact part of the integrated inverter and the cigarette lighter socket will generate high temperature through a large current, causing the head to deform or melt, and even cause a fire. . Therefore, no matter from the point of view of safety or convenience, the integrated inverter cannot be selected.


3. When the products of the same power are similar in volume, the heavier ones are preferred: as the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". The heavier weight means that the shell is thicker, which is good for heat dissipation, and it also means that the internal transformer has a large power margin, which can drive high-power loads for a long time.


4. Whether the various protection functions are perfect: a good car inverter should have perfect protection functions, which can protect your car and power supply under various circumstances. It should also have sound and light alarm function to remind you to deal with various situations in time. Generally, the protection functions that should be provided are input undervoltage, overvoltage protection, overtemperature protection, output overload, and output short circuit protection.


5. Conversion efficiency: This is a very important indicator of the inverter. The higher the inverter efficiency is, the longer the battery is used, and the less heat generated by the inverter. Generally, it should reach more than 90%. However, the user has no way to test this indicator. The user can only make a simple judgment from the heat generated by the inverter through the load with high power. A good inverter should be able to work for a long time without getting hot when the load is 80% of the nominal power.


6. The cigarette lighter plug wire should be thick and the length should be convenient to use: In order to save costs, the current wiring of products on the market is generally not long, only 0.5 meters, and it is not so convenient to use in the rear row. Some, much more convenient to use.


7. If the electrical power is greater than 150W, you must use the battery clip to take electricity directly from the battery: the car cigarette lighter socket can only pass through about 10A current, so high-power inverters must be equipped with a battery clip line to take electricity directly from the battery. . In order to save costs, some manufacturers now do not have battery clip wires for 300W products. Using this kind of product may burn out the car wiring or cause a fire. Please pay attention to all car owners.


8. Pay attention to the form of the output socket: it must be able to use the national standard two-phase and three-phase plugs. 90% of the products on the market only have American standard three-phase sockets, which is very inconvenient to use. Although the matter is small, it can explain the strength of the company. I personally think that products with national standard sockets and universal sockets should be preferred.