Main Points of Modification of Elecdeer Pneumatic Shock Absorber


Main Points of Modification of Pneumatic Shock Absorber


Pneumatic modification is a kind of shock absorber that controls the height of the vehicle body through air pressure. Its working principle is to change the height of the vehicle body by controlling the air pressure, including elastic rubber airbag shock absorbers, air pressure control system, trunk air storage tank and electronic control system.


The functions of pneumatic modification are: 1. It can realize fast switching between various heights; 2. It can make the car firmly on the ground when parking; 3. It can quickly increase the driving speed when driving normally.


The modification of the pneumatic shock absorber is divided into two parts according to different functions, one is the shock absorber (including the air bag), and the other is the controller.


Shock absorber


Regarding the modification of the shock absorber, there are three common methods on the market. The first is a relatively cheap modification plan, which directly upgrades the pneumatic shock absorber on the basis of the original shock absorber body. Simply put, it directly replaces the original shock absorber. The factory spring is an air bag.


The second method is actually evolved by many twister players. Many players choose extreme postures after replacing the twister shock absorbers. If you directly buy branded pneumatic shock absorbers, the previously purchased twister shock absorbers will be wasted. up. Speaking of this, many riders may already know that the second method is to change the air bag with the twisted barrel body. Use an air bag to replace the spring part of the coilover shock absorber.


The third type is relatively simple and reliable. Buy a branded shock absorber body. When the brand shock absorber body leaves the factory, it is already a set of shock absorber body, so the sealing performance is reliable, and of course the price is relatively expensive. , It depends on personal preference and purchasing ability.


Control System


There are also various types of control systems on the market. With the popularity of pneumatic shock absorbers, the control systems are no longer so mysterious. If they are simply classified, they are air pumps, solenoid valves, control units, and air tanks. There are many types and brands according to different functions, which can be roughly divided into the following categories:

The first is the most basic control in the car (control is realized through the buttons installed in the car).

The second is to add a set of remote control system to the basic version, which can realize remote control lifting.

The third type is relatively high-end and high-grade from the beginning. On the basis of remote control, four wheels can be independently lifted and lowered with memory. The memory system mentioned here is based on the value of the memory air pressure, which can be converted into the height of the vehicle body.


The above three types are based on the value of air pressure to determine the height of the car body, so it is necessary to install a set of barometer after the above three installations, but the installation of the barometer also needs to pay attention to the tightness.


The fourth type uses mechanical memory, using the height sensor to memorize the height of the vehicle body, so as to realize the memory of the vehicle body height. This method is very user-friendly, because if it is air pressure memory, we assume that the air pressure value of the rear wheels is normal driving. 80, then the value will rise to 90-100 when the back seat is full. However, the height of the rear wheels of the vehicle body is lowered instead, resulting in underpinning during driving and erroneous understanding of the height causing fenders or inner linings to be rubbed against.