Ignition coil is often ignored even it is an important component


 ignition coil is often ignored even it is an important component


As an important component of the car ignition system, the ignition coil is often ignored by many drivers, which leads to a lot of car problems. Next, let us talk about the common faults and causes of the ignition coil!


Common failures of general ignition coils, such as coil winding short circuit, open circuit or grounding, will lead to no high voltage electricity; in addition, the insulation layer material of the ignition coil is aging, the insulation performance is deteriorated, and the leakage of the ignition coil makes the electric spark weak and the ignition energy is not enough , resulting in unstable idling, intermittent flameout and failure to fire. In case of such a failure, it is necessary to check whether the resistance and insulation performance of the ignition coil meet the requirements, and replace it if it does not meet the requirements.


Five manifestations of ignition coil failure


When an ignition coil fails and the voltage is insufficient, the corresponding cylinder will stop working, causing the vehicle to vibrate at idle speed, stepping on the accelerator weakly, and the fault light is on;


If the ignition coil leaks electricity, the vehicle may vibrate when idling, but it will definitely vibrate when stepping on the accelerator, and the power is insufficient;


When stepping on the accelerator to accelerate, the ignition coil is cut off, resulting in weak acceleration;


The fuel mixture that is not ignited will be discharged by the exhaust pipe, and under the high temperature of the exhaust pipe, the fuel mixture may be ignited and burned, resulting in the blockage and failure of the three-way catalyst, and deterioration of emissions;


Failure of the ignition coil will also lead to increased engine vibration and a stronger gasoline smell in the exhaust.


Troubleshooting method for ignition coil


The main cause of ignition coil burnout is the aging breakdown of the insulating layer or the damage of the switch triode. The large spark plug gap causes the main coil load, heat, and aging of the insulation layer. The small spark plug gap causes the discharge current of the secondary coil to be large, the heat is large, and the insulation layer is aging. Quickly, the assembled ignition coil may have poor insulation material durability, high coil internal resistance and high heat generation, and the quality of the three-stage tube is not high, and the service life will be shorter.


If it is always burned out, it will burn out soon after replacement. At this time, other components need to be further checked to find out the reason:


Check the generator, if the power generated by the generator is too high, it will cause the ignition coil to be overloaded and burn out;


Check whether the spark plug gap is too large, if it is too large, adjust the gap or replace the spark plug;


Check the cylinder compression ratio, if it is abnormal, adjust the compression ratio;


Detect whether the vehicle ECU is faulty, and clear the fault or replace the ECU;


Detect whether the battery voltage is stable;


Check whether the resistance of the high voltage line is normal, if not, replace the high voltage line;


Check whether there is a short circuit in the secondary coil;


Ignition coil daily maintenance


The ignition coil is commonly known as a high-voltage pack. It is like a transformer that converts the electricity of the battery into high voltage, and then the gasoline engine can be ignited. Without the ignition coil it will fail to ignite.


The ignition coil is actually a transformer, which converts the 12-volt voltage of the car into a voltage of 20,000-30,000 volts. The car ignition system uses this high-voltage electricity to ignite the mixture in the cylinder.


In daily maintenance should pay attention to:


Protect the ignition coil from heat or moisture;


Do not turn on the ignition switch when the engine is not running;


Frequently check, clean and fasten the line connectors to avoid short circuit or grounding;


Control the performance of the engine and prevent the voltage from being too high; the spark plug should not be "fired" for a long time;


The moisture on the ignition coil can only be wiped dry with a cloth, and must not be baked with fire, otherwise the ignition coil will be damaged.


It is recommended to replace the ignition coil in a complete set to avoid failure of other ignition coils in a short period of time, causing troubles in using the car.