Learn about rivets in a second From Elecdeer blog


Learn about rivets in a second From Elecdeer blog


Open type round head pull stud product description:


It is divided into two parts: the rivet body (nail shell) and the nail core. The part where the riveting body produces plastic deformation, clamps two workpieces, and realizes riveting and fastening; the nail core type promotes the plastic deformation of the riveting body.


1. Product features of open round head pull studs:


The open round head pull rivet is a high-strength riveted connection fastener, which has the characteristics of high strength, high finish, bright riveting surface, no rust spots, stable and reliable riveting surface, and flat riveting surface. Easy to install, can be installed and operated on one side, does not need other fittings, low cost, simple product structure, low cost, stable connection, moderate clamping force, stable and reliable connection. Open-type round head pull studs are widely used and suitable for fastening between plates of various materials. There are many specifications and varieties, multiple materials, multiple diameters, multiple lengths, multiple surface treatment methods, many optional varieties, convenient operation, simple operation of riveting tools, and high installation efficiency.


2. Open type round head pull studs are widely used in:


Food machinery, kitchen utensils, high-grade decoration, pharmaceutical equipment, equipment and facilities, elevators, various high-end light industrial machinery and equipment, fitness equipment, sculpture, handicrafts, gifts and other industries require riveting surfaces to be flat.


3. Advantages of open round head pull studs:


It is suitable for the fastening connection between different materials and the occasion that does not need to be disassembled. It can be operated on one side of the workpiece. The tool is simple and easy to operate, and the installation efficiency is high.


4. Disadvantages of open round head pull rivets: the tightness cannot be adjusted and cannot be disassembled.


Lantern pull rivets are special core-pulling rivets produced and processed by multi-station cold heading equipment. Lantern pull rivets will become like lanterns after being riveted, so they are named Lantern pull stud.


Lantern pull rivets are mainly used for riveting plastic, fragile and weak objects. After riveting, there are three auxiliary heads forming a large closure on the back of the riveted plate. This design can provide greater surface bearing force and avoid the phenomenon that the nail head sinks or drills through the riveting hole when using ordinary pull screws.


Lantern pull rivets are special core-pulling rivets processed through a special process. After riveting, the nail cap will become like a lantern, so it is named as a lantern pull rivet. A waterproof design is added, and a rubber gasket is added during use to prevent moisture from intruding from the bottom of the rivet cap, which plays a very good waterproof role.


1. Lantern pull stud limit support:


It can form 3 large folding feet, which are distributed over a large area and distribute the load of the riveting surface. This feature allows it to be applied to fragile or soft materials, and can also be used for riveting large holes and irregularly shaped holes, mainly used in automobiles, such as plastic dashboards, car interior decorations, accessories, etc. It can replace the feature of padding the bottom of the rivet. Large brim pull studs can replace the feature of padded front and rear sides. Increase the riveting area and disperse the riveting load.


2. Lantern pull stud riveting range:


The multi-riveting performance enables a rivet of one specification to rivet materials of various thicknesses, reducing the types of rivet specifications.


3. Anti-corrosion and waterproof performance of lantern pull nails:


The all-aluminum structure determines the anti-corrosion performance of the lantern pull stud, adding a waterproof design, and adding a rubber gasket during use to prevent moisture from entering from under the pull stud cap, which plays a very good waterproof role.


4. The lantern pull nail has a firm core and high strength:


The nail core is locked, and it is not easy to fall off during use. The residual nail core increases the strength of the rivet, and the lantern rivet is not easy to break under a large shear force.


5. Selection of the appearance of the lantern pull stud:


There are various head styles to choose from. These include: round, flat, cap and countersunk.


6. Selection of lantern pull stud material:


Generally, they are made of various grades of aluminum alloys (such as: 5050, 5052, 5154, 5056).


Nail shell: aluminum alloy, nail shaft: aluminum alloy


Evacuation type core pulling rivets: English name: Pull-Thru (PT) Rivets, also known as double-sided countersunk head rivets in Chinese Both sides of the product that needs to be riveted must have countersunk holes, and the Pull-Thru (PT) pull rivet is an ideal countersunk head pull rivet fastener. The feature of the evacuated core pull rivets is that after riveting, the nail head does not fall off, and the two riveting surfaces of the product are relatively smooth. The evacuated core pull rivets are now widely used on communication cabinets in the IT industry! It is very suitable for space Relatively limited thin plate riveting! After the evacuation type core pulling rivet is riveted, the bottom of the product is flanged through the bell mouth of the head to play a fastening role!


1. Advantages of evacuated core pull studs in the market:


Ideal for use in any product assembly where the clearance of the rivet body is very limited and the protrusion of the pull stud body from the surface of the application has to be minimized. Due to the PT pull stud sleeve, the shaft head and the mandrel remain an integral assembled product to ensure that there are no loose mandrel heads. Pull studs are widely used in storage equipment in the electronics and furniture industries, but they are also suitable for many low clearances. These features and advantages are unique in the market.


2. Features and advantages of evacuated core pull studs:


Countersunk set-up, where both sides of the material need to be countersinked Insertion is reversible, improving riveting tool access, iron double-sided countersunk core pull rivets Unique "evacuated" mandrel coreless nail head stays in place in any application Locally consistent clamping force Tight radial set provides increased structural rigidity High-speed automation, POP pull stud demonstration facilitates cycle times, with speeds as fast as 2 seconds, colored mandrels for quick visual identification of different part sizes


3. Evacuated core pull studs are widely used in:


Automotive & Automotive Grade: Sunroof Electronics/Audio System Components Speaker Harness Courtesy Light Switch Panel VIN Board


Household furniture, electrical appliances: cabinet drawer freezer drawer refrigerator drawer toolbox (3), drawer panel PCB installation


Electronic products: Computer (steel and metal) chassis and casings, PC boards, electronic components, LCD panels, communication equipment