Car Charger

Car Charger


100-240V 4A Smart Car Motorcycle Battery Charger Automatic Repair Battery Car Charger

$50.76 Ex Tax: $50.76

Description: 1. SC/OL protection. 2. Anti-spark system. 3. Backlit LCD display. 4. IP65 waterproof rating. 5. Over temperatur..


108D Gray Blue Car Charger With Digital Voltage

$20.06 Ex Tax: $20.06

Description: 1. Perfect Size: Add one is divided into too big, minus one into too small. 2.140W High Power: Supply electricity to light up high power vehicle electronic product..


10W Car Wireless Charger QC3.0 Fast Charger for iPhone X 8 Plus

$29.83 Ex Tax: $29.83

Specification: Product standard: Qi standard Input voltage / current: DC5V / 2A, 9V / 1.8A Charging voltage / current: 5V-9V / 1.8A MAX Charging frequency: 110-205 KHz ..


10W Fast Qi Wireless Charger Car Cup Holder USB Output for iPhone X 8 S8

$39.29 Ex Tax: $39.29

Feature: 1.10W Qi Fast Wireless Charging Technology, will Charge Your Phone Steady and Quickly. 2. New Design and Elegant -Graceful shape, look like a beautiful Cup. 3. Wi..


10W Qi Wireless Fast Car Air Vent Charger Holder Stand for iPhone X 8

$24.61 Ex Tax: $24.61

Feature:10W fast QI car charger holder Triangle gravity lock holder, more stable With cooling hole in the back of the holder Built in double coils Auto lock when putting your cell ..


10W Smart Wireless Car Charger Stable Mobile Phone Holder Infrared Touch Sensor Fast Charging with Automatic Temperature Detection

$33.99 Ex Tax: $33.99

Description: Horizontal buckle fixed design, is not afraid of bumps and long roads. The horizontal buckle design can clamp more areas of the mobile phone, reduce the pressure of t..


10W Wireless Car Charger Phone Holder for iPhone Samsung Qi Car Wireless Charger Air Vent Mount Mobile Phone Holder Stand

$13.99 Ex Tax: $13.99

Feature: 1. High quality copper core coil bumpy road constant electricity. 2. The 360° rotation Angle can be adjusted arbitrarily. 3. Gravity induction electric clamping, Foldabl..


12-24V 3.1A Dual USB Car Charger LED Indicator

$11.10 Ex Tax: $11.10

Feature: 1. Unique design of the double USB can also meet the needs of a variety of electronic equipment. 2. Made of fireproof materials, high temperature resistant and corro..


12-24V Three USB Car Charger Music MP3 Player bluetooth 5.0 Handsfree QC 3.0 Fast Charging For Car Trucks

$22.99 Ex Tax: $22.99

Feature: 1. Vehicle Player Support AUX Linear Output-Connect to car audio directly through audio cable without FM and bluetooth transmission. Support U disk/TF card play-Compatible..


12-24V to 5V 2.4A H100Q QC2.0 Car Charger One Port QC2.0Car Charger

$6.47 Ex Tax: $6.47

Feature: 1.12V-24V input for all models; 5V output, suitable for mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices. design, a sufficient amount of output, private mol..


12/24V Car Battery Charger Smart Pulse Repair Lead-acid Battery Charger Silver High Power

$39.41 Ex Tax: $39.41

Description:1. Reverse connection protection. When the positive and negative poles are reversed, a buzzer alarm is issued and the output is automatically stopped. 2. Low voltage..


12A 4-port USB Fast Charging Back Clip Car Charger Front And Rear Seat Sharing Gadget

$12.72 Ex Tax: $12.72

Specification: Input parameters: 12 (V) Output parameter: 5 (V) Charging current: 8000 (mA) Battery type: lithium battery Indication function: with indication function Interface: U..


12V 18000mah Car Charger Emergency Start Power Charging Treasure

$110.72 Ex Tax: $110.72

Description: 1. Small size for easy storage. 2. 1 meter anti-drop protection. 3. Dual USB output, [email protected]. 4. Anti-spark and reverse protection. 5. 0.6 m..


12V 18V 7.5W Solar Panel Battery Maintainer Car Charger For Automobile Motorcycle Boat

$44.59 Ex Tax: $44.59

Description: 1. Intelligent 18V Boost Technology: Intelligent transformer, supports charging of DC input devices such as cars and motorcycle battery cars. 2. Dirty And Water-re..


12V 18W Portable Solar Battery Car Charger For Car Battery Automobile Motorcycle Boat

$66.21 Ex Tax: $66.21

Description: 1. Batteries Naturally Discharge: - Automotive batteries naturally discharge when not in use. 2. Peace of mind: - Vehicles that are used infrequently or do short tri..


12V 220V European Standard Mini Car Digital Power Car Amplifier With bluetooth

$44.28 Ex Tax: $44.28

Description: 1. RCA Audio Input (L/R). 2. Digital LED Display Panel. 3. One mic Input Connector Jack. 4. FM audio and playback function. 5. SD Memory Card & USB Flash Drive Re..

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