1000W Car 12V To 220V Power Inverter Car Power Converter


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The product is a 12V DC power into AC 220V power conversion device can be widely used in various electrical devices,
Such as mobile phone chargers, laptop computers, lights, digital cameras, camcorders, televisions, electric tools, music CD, DVD , fans,
And other appliances voltage AC220V, 50 Hz, in the power range of electrical products rated power. Is field work, driving tour, mobile office,
The necessary emergency power sharing. Traveling by car can successfully solve the problem of power shortages and emergencies.
Compatibility: Notebook, printer, electric saw or other domestic appliance with power less than 1000W,
can also charge cellphone/MP3/MP4 via USB port

Power Rating: 1000W
Input Voltage: DC 12V
Output Voltage: AC 220V
Output current: 4A
Efficiency: at least 75%
Dimensions: 7.99 in x 3.74 in x 2.17 in (20.3 cm x 9.5 cm x 5.5 cm)
Weight: 38.38 oz (1088 g)

Package Included:
1 X Car power inverter
1 X Positive and Negative Connection Cable
1 X Chinese/English Manual


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