Pairs H11 35W Car Xenon HID Replacement Bulbs


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Voltage Input: DC 12V
Working Current (Norm): 3A/35W 4.5A/55W
Service Life: more than 4,500 Hours
Max Input Current: 3.8A/35W 6A/55W
Power Output (Norm): 35W/55W
Case Temperature: -40 °C - +105 °C
Compatibility: Car, motorcycle, electric motor car

3000k 3600LM+-300
4300k 3200LM +-300
5000k 2800LM+-300
6000k 2600LM+-300
8000k 2200LM+-300
10000k 2000LM+-200
12000k 1900LM+-200
15000k 1800LM+-200

Use Tips:

Always Start your engine before you activate your HIDs.
Do not turn the HIDs on and off frequently or rapidly.
Do not install the HID ballasts and igniters near the engine or any place where water can reach the HID components.
Make sure the HID connectors are tight and secured to the stock harness.

Package includes:

2Pcs Xenon HID Bulbs


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