ONE X2 ONE X GPS Smart Remote Control for Action Camera VR 360 Panoramic Camera


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1. Track your Trip. Control your camera. Record GPS data. And track you journey with onscreen stats like speed, altitude and direction. Then, put your expeditions on the map with one-touch upload to Google Street View.
2. GPS data is automatically recorded, ideal for use with "Stats ", allowing you to overlay data such as speed, altitude and direction.

Brand Elecdeer
Product Name GPS Smart Remote
Weight 43g
Battery Capacity 800mAh
Display Size 1 inch
Size 8*3.5*1.5cm
Charging Connector Micro USB
Duration Approximately 16 hours
Battery Type Lithium battery (not removable)
Charging Period Approximately 2 hours (5V/1A charging station)
Recommended Working Temperature -10-40°C
Effective Connection Distance with Camera 10 meters (no interference, no obstruction)

Mount it:
1.Onto a selfie stick. The included mount clip secures the remote onto a selfie stick (diameter: 25mm).
2.Onto the wrist strap. The included wrist strap and rubber case secures the remote to your wrist, backpack straps, ski poles, bike frames, and so on.
a. Place the GPS smart remote into the rubber case.
b. Thread the wrist strap through the slots on the back of the rubber case.
c. Secure the wrist strap onto your wrist.

Instructions for Use:
Step 1: Update your camera's firmware and app to the latest version.
Step 2: Turn on your camera.
Step 3: Press and hold the Power/ Switch button to turn on the remote.
Step 4:When the indicator alternates between blue and green, your remote has begun pairing. Open the app and connect it to your camera via WiFi. Then, tap【Settings】> 【Shoot with Bluetooth remote】 > 【Scan Bluetooth remote】>【Insta360 Remote】> 【Next】 , and follow on screen instructions to "connect" the remote to your camera.

Pre-cautions for Acquiring GPS Signals:
1. To record GPS data, please stay outside, and keep still until the remote has acquired GPS signals (How long you will take to locate depends on factors such as terrain, weather, obstructions and electromagnetic interference).
2. While in use, do not put your hands or other objects on top of the remote(This maycause interference).
3. Ideal scenarios for a GPS signal
a. Keep the remote top side up
b.Clear skies
c. Wide, open areas
d. No buildings / electrical interferences around
4. Things to avoid while acquiring a GPS signal
a. People or other obstructions, large buildings, trees, large metal objects, places with electrical interference, severe weather, etc.

1. After connecting for the first time, your remote can connect to the camera automatically within its effective range without repeating steps in the app. If afterwards you wish to connect your remote to another camera, you need to press the two buttons on the remote simultaneously to unbind the previous connection, and then connect the remote and camera in the аpр.
2. The remote can be used up to 10 meters away in optimal conditions.
3. Once the remote and your camera are connected, the remote's buttons will have the same functions as on the camera.

Package Included:
1 X GPS Smart Remote
1 X Securing Clip
1 X USB Charging Cable
1 X Wristband
1 X Soft Rubber Sleeve


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